The « I501B Virtualisation » activity, taught to second year master students in computer science industrial engineer at the ECAM Brussels Engineering School (ECAM), is particular in the sense that the course is created by the students themselves! Students work alone or by pairs and select a subject they would like to deepen. The subjects are validated by the professor to have a coherent and relevant agenda for the whole course.

Students are then coached by the professor in order to build their pedagogical content, as much for the pedagogical aspects as for the technical content itself. Finally, after all the presentations have been done with all the students, they have to pass a written exam that is created by the professor on-the-fly as he discovers the covered topics, just like all the students.

I started to give this course in 2018 and I gave it until 2019, that is, I gave it three times. This page gathers all the material that has been created by the students, either in English or in French, they are free to choose.

Fall 2019

  • Virtualenv: Creating isolated 'virtual' Python environments [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Louis Randriamora Andriantsiory and Benjamin Vandenbussche.
  • Virtualisation - Video game system emulation [en] ( Slides Slides )
    by Maxime Bourguignon and Christophe Simon.
  • Emulation de processeurs dans le développement hardware [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Arnaud Peeters and Jean Vanneste.
  • Réalité virtuelle [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Julien Beard and Ludovic Merel.
  • Unity [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Ilias El-Abbassi and Adrien Petit.
  • La réalité augmentée en aéronautique [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Vick Acina and Ludovic Valery.
  • Émuler des q-bits sur PC standard [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Isaac Djoko.
  • Virtualisation d'un réseau LoRaWAN [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Sam Bertrand and Martin Degeldt.
  • Les cartes de crédit virtuelles [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Thomas Blot and Loïc Labeye.
  • Système d'information géographique [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Jonathan Petit.
  • Kubernetes [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Yassine Akharaze and Mohamad Mroue.
  • Scan email [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Abdoulaye Kolawole.
  • Qube OS : La sécurité par l'isolement [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Benoît Wéry.

Fall 2018

  • Virtualisation for analyze Forensic [en] ( Slides Slides )
    by Hadrien Hachez.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Amaury Lekens.
  • Hyper-V [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Louis Randriamora Andriantsiory and Georges Tokam Fogue.
  • Containers for virtualization [en] ( Slides Slides )
    by Salim Boutlendj and Hubert Mugabo Pitie.
  • AWS Lambda [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Emine Tas and Tian-Sen Ping.
  • Localstack [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Julien Kessels and Saïkou Ahmadou Barry.
  • Virtualisation ordinateur quantique [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Gaétan Guru.

Spring 2018

  • Virtualisation des APIs avec Hoverfly [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Mohamed Didouh and Othman Mejdoubi.
  • Google App Engine [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Yannick Berckmans and Hadrien Cools.
  • Introduction à l'ordinateur quantique [fr] ( Slides Slides )
    by Sylvain Alonso and Gaetano Giordano.
  • Container orchestration [en] ( Slides Slides )
    by Antoine Vander Meiren and Charles Vandevoorde.
  • Deploying VM with Virsh on a headless Linux server [en] ( Slides Slides )
    by Rémy Taymans.