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Toledo, Spain, September 2015
Toledo, Spain, September 2015
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The LADO project aims at the design of learning materials to learn and teach algorithm design and optimisation using contest tasks. Students working as a group, supervised by a coach-professor, will work together and cooperate through a GitHub repository, to produce learning materials based on existing contest tasks. This material can then be used to support the learning of algorithm design and optimisation in programming courses for higher education or it can also be used for self-learning.

The project should have taken place during the 2017-2018 academic year at the ECAM Brussels Engineering School (ECAM), but has been delayed to a near future, hopefully.


  • Sébastien Combéfis (Lecturer, ECAM)
  • Saïkou Ahmadou Barry (Student, ECAM)
  • Martin Crappe (Student, ECAM)
  • Mathieu David (Student, ECAM)
  • Guillaume de Moffarts (Student, ECAM)
  • Hadrien Hachez (Student, ECAM)
  • Julien Kessels (Student, ECAM)



  1. Sébastien Combéfis, Saïkou Ahmadou Barry, Martin Crappe, Mathieu David, Guillaume de Moffarts, Hadrien Hachez, and Julien Kessels. Learning and Teaching Algorithm Design and Optimisation Using Contests Tasks. In Olympiads in Informatics, 11:19-28, 2017. PDF