The « I502A Sécurité physique et logicielle » activity, taught to second year master students in computer science industrial engineer at the ECAM Brussels Engineering School (ECAM), is about the security of computer systems, both hardware and software. It includes an introduction to cryptography, elements of networks, databases and operating systems security and, finally, security auditing techniques of a computer system.

I started to give this course in 2017 and I am currently giving it for the fourth time. The course is taught in English, but all the material is available in English and in French.



  • Session 1: Introduction to Computer Security Slides
  • Session 2: Introduction to Cryptography and Symmetric Encryption
  • Session 3: Hash Function, Asymmetric Encryption and Signature
  • Session 4: Malware and Protection
  • Session 5: Software and Operating Systems Security
  • Session 6: Network Protections: DoS, Firewall and IDS
  • Session 7: Authentication et Access Control
  • Session 8: Database, Cloud and IoT Security
  • Session 9: Network Security
  • Session 10: Security Audit


  • Work: Security audit of a computer system


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