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Cambridge, MA, USA, July 2019
Cambridge, MA, USA, July 2019
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Artificial Intelligence


<p>The <i>« I4110 – Artificial Intelligence »</i> course, taught to
first year master students in computer science industrial engineer and in 
electronics at the <a href="">ECAM Brussels
Engineering School</a> (ECAM), is about <b>artificial intelligence and
machine learning</b>. The course begins by explaining the principle of a
search problem and how they can be solved with general algorithms. It then
presents other techniques related to more specific fields such as logic
reasoning, constraint programming, swarm intelligence, natural language
processing and deep learning.</p>

<p>I started to give this course in 2018 and I am currently giving it for
the third time. The machine learning part is given by my colleague Ruben
Hillewaere, with a focus on mathematical aspects. The course is taught in
English, but all the material is available in English and
<a href="/fr/teaching/ecam/ai/">in French</a>.</p>


  <li>General information about the course</li>
  <a href="/files/ecam/general/ECAM-Competency-Based-Assessment-Slides.pdf">
  Competency Based Assessment <img src="/images/pdf.png" width="16"
  height="16" alt="PDF"></a></li>
  <li>Grid of skills to acquire</li>


  <li>Session 1: Global Overview</li>

  <li>Session 2: Search Problem and Constraint Satisfaction Problem</li>

  <li>Session 3: Logic, Knowledge and Reasoning</li>

  <li>Session 4: Swarm Intelligence</li>

  <li>Session 5: Natural Language Processing</li>

  <li>Session 6: Deep Learning</li>