I have the opportunity to frequently give conferences and trainings on several subjects. This section of the website gathers all the material that I built for those trainings. For some of them, code examples had been presented and are also available for download.

I gave those trainings mainly for the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), for the UCLouvain ACM Student Chapter ASBL, for the LSM Conseil and for the Institut Paul Lambin (IPL).

If you have any interest for a conference by me, please contact me.


The following trainings are related to the programming topic. They cover specific programming languages as well as frameworks and librairies. You will also find trainings related to more general computer science concepts and about tools that should be mastered by any programmer.

Programming languages

  • The Java programming language
  • LaTeX, the professional typesetting system
  • The Python programming language

Tools and frameworks

  • Git, the distributed revision control system
  • Johnny-Five, Robotics and IoT with JavaScript


  • Efficient and quality coding

Communication and management

The following trainings are about communication and management skills that are worth mastering in order to be a good leader who can manage his/her teams efficiently. They cover general concepts as well as techniques and tools that improve communication and management skills.

  • Project management tools


The following trainings are about the science of education. In particular, they are targeted to online teaching and learning with MOOCs and on teaching computer science.

  • MOOCs and online learning/teaching


The following trainings are related to sciences. They mainly cover trainings that were given to students before they enter a higher education institute.

  • Physics

Rome, Italy, August 2014.
Rome, Italy, August 2014.