The « I410A – Algorithmique et optimisation » activity, taught to first year master students in computer science industrial engineer at the ECAM Brussels Engineering School (ECAM), is about algorithm design and software optimisation. The course begins by explaining how to go from a problem to an algorithm to solve it and then to a program that can be executed to solve real instances of the problem.

I started to give this course in 2018 and I am currently giving it for the third time. The course is taught in English, but all the material is available in English and in French.



  • Session 1: From Problem to Solution with Algorithm and Program Slides
  • Session 2: Problem Modelling and Solving Slides
  • Session 3: Algorithm Design Paradigms
  • Session 4: Introduction to Computability
  • Session 5: To-Be-Known Algorithms for Developers
  • Session 6: String Algorithms
  • Session 7: Graph Algorithms
  • Session 8: Transforming Information with ECC, Compression and Ciphering
  • Session 9: Language: DFA, Grammar and Regular Expression
  • Session 10: Compilers and Translators
  • Session 11: Code Optimisation
  • Session 12: Database Optimisation
  • Session 13: Network Optimisation
  • Session 14: Profiling, Performance Evaluation and Hybrid Algorithms