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Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 2013
Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 2013
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Algorithm and Optimisation


<p>The <i>« I410A – Algorithmique et optimisation »</i> activity, taught to
first year master students in computer science industrial engineer at the
<a href="">ECAM Brussels Engineering
School</a> (ECAM), is about <b>algorithm design and software
optimisation</b>. The course begins by explaining how to go from a problem
to an algorithm to solve it and then to a program that can be executed to
solve real instances of the problem.</p>

<p>I started to give this course in 2018 and I am currently giving it for
the third time. The course is taught in English, but all the material is
available in English and <a href="/fr/teaching/ecam/algopti/">in


  <li>General information about the course</li>
  <a href="/files/ecam/general/ECAM-Competency-Based-Assessment-Slides.pdf">
  Competency Based Assessment <img src="/images/pdf.png" width="16"
  height="16" alt="PDF"></a></li>
  <li>Grid of skills to acquire</li>


  <li><a href="/files/ecam/algopti/ECAM-AlgoOpti4MIN-Session1-Slides.pdf">
  Session 1: From Problem to Solution with Algorithm and Program
  <img src="/images/slides.png" width="16" height="16"

  <li><a href="/files/ecam/algopti/ECAM-AlgoOpti4MIN-Session2-Slides.pdf">
  Session 2: Problem Modelling and Solving <img src="/images/slides.png"
  width="16" height="16" alt="Slides"></a></li>

  <li>Session 3: Algorithm Design Paradigms</li>

  <li>Session 4: Introduction to Computability</li>

  <li>Session 5: To-Be-Known Algorithms for Developers</li>

  <li>Session 6: String Algorithms</li>

  <li>Session 7: Graph Algorithms</li>

  <li>Session 8: Transforming Information with ECC, Compression and

  <li>Session 9: Language: DFA, Grammar and Regular Expression</li>

  <li>Session 10: Compilers and Translators</li>

  <li>Session 11: Code Optimisation</li>

  <li>Session 12: Database Optimisation</li>

  <li>Session 13: Network Optimisation</li>

  <li>Session 14: Profiling, Performance Evaluation and Hybrid