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I am currently working as a referent attaché at the Académie de Recherche et d'Enseignement Supérieur (ARES), the federation of higher education institutions of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In academic affairs, I am in the team in charge of the management of exams and tests supported by the ARES, in particular the admission exam in medicine and dentistry and the orientation test of the health sector.

Regarding my education, I got a PhD in Engineering in November 2013 from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain). My thesis is about applying formal method techniques to the analysis of human-machine interactions. I also got a Master in Computer Science Engineering degree from the Louvain School of Engineering (EPL) and an Advanced Master in Pedagogy in Higher Education, both from the same university.

Moreover, I am interested in the Computer Science Education field, in particular to better teach computer science and to integrate IT technologies in education. I am the founder and President of the Computer Science and IT in Education ASBL (CSITEd), a nonprofit organisation whose main goal is to promote informatics as a science, in particular for primary and secondary schools pupils. It is also on behalf of this organisation that I am the official Belgian representative in the Bebras community.

Finally, I am also the Head Advisory Board of EDITx, a company proposing IT related challenges connecting educators and professionals with students.

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Sébastien Combéfis

Sébastien Combéfis, Ph.D.
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