Every year, I have the opportunity to be involved in several internship supervisions. ECAM students have to find an internship in a firm for at least six weeks, twice during their studies. The first internship takes place during the third year of bachelor. It is an immersion stage whose main goals are to discover the life in a firm, its organisation, and the everyday work of an engineer and to participate to concrete projects lead by people from the firm. The second internship takes place during the second year of master, just before the students hopefully get their degree. It is a work placement internship whose main goal is to manage an industrial project and actively participate to it within a team from the firm. My role is to ensure, with the firm, that the internship is going well and to attend to the final defense and participate to the evaluation of the student.

I am also involved in the supervision of internships that take place within ECAM with external students from other institutions working on several internal projects. These interns typically come from Institut Paul Lambin (IPL) or École Pratique des Hautes Études Commerciales (EPHEC).

Paris, France,
    February 2017.
Paris, France, February 2017.